Sala Summer Blind 2018

Sala, August 11, 2018

Welcome to the first speedcubing competition in Sala, Sweden! It will be a smaller, blind focused competition right in the heart of the city. More information about the competition can be found below.  

General Information

  • Events: 3x3, 3x3 BLD, 3x3 OH, Square-1, 4x4 BLD, 5x5 BLD, 3x3 Multi-BLD
  • Date: August 11, 2018
  • City: Sala, Sweden
  • Venue: The Pentecostal Church of Sala. All events will take place in the church café.
  • Adress: Bråstagatan 6, 733 30 Sala
  • Organisers: Daniel Wallin
  • WCA Delegate: Anders Berggren, Daniel Wallin
  • Entry fee: 100 SEK
  • Contact:

 New Competitors

If this will be your first competition, welcome! First, please notice that this competition will be different compared to the normal Swedish competitions since this one focuses on blind-solving events. Apart from the blind-solving events, the only normal events will be 3x3, 3x3 OH and Square-1. If you're okay with that, there should not be much to worry about at all, but if you want to understand the competition procedure before the competition, feel free to watch this short video which explains it in a very clear way. Video:

The procedure may vary from competition to competition but we will cover those things at the competition, at the competitor tutorial which will be held before the first round of 3x3 begins. 

If you have any further questions regarding the competition or any logistics around it, feel free to contact the organiser thorugh e-mail (found at the top and bottom of this page).

Registration and Payment

Registration: Registration is made through the competitions WCA website which can be found here: There is a limit of competitors which has been set to 40 due to venue constraints. The full registration requirements for this competition can also be found through the link mentioned above. 

Payment: The entry fee is set to 100 SEK. This fee must be transferred in advance by all competitiors before the registration will be accepted. Please use one of the following options for the payment:

Option 1: Pay using the WCA payments system which appears directly after registration on the events WCA-page (which can be found here: Note that this is the preferred option of payment since it eases the handling of registrations for the organiser.

Option 2: Pay the registration fee via Swish to 0704267678. Please note your name or WCA-ID as the payment message.

If you can´t use these options, please contact me using my mail adress found at the top and bottom of this page. 

Accomodation and Food

Accomodation: No special deals or arrangements for accomodation has been done for this competition. If you are in need of accomodation around this competition, please search sites such as There, you will be able to book a room at any of the available hotels and hostels in and around Sala. 

Food: There are many restaurants only a few hundred meters from the venue, serving a range of food, from Swedish traditional meals to fast-food and pizzas. One good option for competitors is  the Swedish fast-food chain Sibylla, located at the town square 150 meters from the venue. Other than that, the closest supermarket is "Coop Extra Sala", located 700 meters from the venue. 


Adress of the venue: Bråstagatan 6, 733 30 Sala, Sweden (The Pentecostal Church of Sala) Map:

Car: Main roads 50 and 56 passes close to Sala, located around 85 minutes and 120 kilometers from Stockholm. Please use the link above (or any other similar map engine) to find your way to the competiton. There is car-parking available for competitors and guests only 50 meters from the venue, when exiting the main road which took you into the city center. 

Train: Take the train to Sala station, which is located 750 meters away from the competiton venue.

The competition´s schedule has been made to fit with the Saturday train schedule to Sala (for competitors from the Stockholm, Dalarna and Mälardalen areas). If your train arrives to Sala in the 9 o´clock cluster, you get to the venue in time for all events. The competition and prize ceremony will end in time for competitors to be able to take the trains leaving Sala around 19:00 Saturday evening.

Train seats can be booked through:

If any delays occur, then please contact me directly through my phone number 0704267678, so we can sort that out for the best.


The time schedule for Sala Summer Blind 2018 can be found through the following link:


If you have any further questions about the competition, feel free to contact the organizer thorugh email.

Daniel Wallin:

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